Basic Borg

  • Lynn Cassiers (voice, fx)
  • Riccardo Luppi (ts, ss)
  • Matteo Carrus (p, keys)
  • Manolo Cabras (b)
  • Oriol Roca (d)

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Ti Ricordi

Basic Borg, started as a quartet, out of a recording in September 2005.
It was the consequence of a natural connexion between four musicians that seemed to share a common way of responding to the music.
Only in April 2009, the saxophonist Riccardo Luppi joins the group; finding immediately a natural spot in the sound of the band.
Nevertheless the group’s acoustic sound (in addition of a small range of electronics), it is capable to produce a large diversity of colors.
Their repertoire exists out of original compositions , as well as free improvised music.
It’s a band where each of the musician's personnal contribution is crucial to its’ sound. Exploring their own boarders everytime they play.