The Broadway Loose

  • Lynn Cassiers (voice)
  • Augusto Pirodda(p)
  • Manolo Cabras (b)
  • Marek Patrman (d)
  • The quartet was born out of a ‘meeting on stage’ between the Pirodda/Cabras/Patrman Trio and singer Lynn Cassiers. It was the consequence of a natural connexion between four musicians that seemed to share a commun way of responding to the music. After a 5 years of playing their own original compositions, the quartet moves naturally to a Jazz standards songs repertoire. Treating the songs with an aproach Inspired by bands such of Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Wayne Shorter... and the modern european jazzmusic, the quartet has its own particular sound. It’s a quartet where each of the musicians’ personnal contribution is crucial to its’ sound and that explores its own boarders everytime they play.
  • My Heart Stood Still

    Crazy it Calls Me