Ange Postecoglu The solution to the problem at the point of Spurs, is it true?

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Ange Postecoglou may not be the big-name manager that fans of Tottenham Hotspur, the English Premier League club, want to come to work. But many people who know how to believe that the 57-year-old coach will solve the problem at the point of “Chicken Golden Spikes” for sure

Postecoglu will become the first Australian coach to take charge of a team in the Premier League. He has had an unusual career path after winning the league title in his homeland. Cross over to win the league title in Japan. and won two league titles with Glasgow Celtic in Scotland

Postecoglu is a coach who likes his team to play exciting attacking games. Play football with full energy. and have the aim of being successful which is something Spurs have long been missing since moving with Mauricio Pochettino. ทางเข้า

Matt Smith, former Brisbane Roar player in the Australian League who has won many titles with Postecoglou, said, “Anke’s strength is his ability to bring players together on a journey. and made him believe what he wanted to do.”

“There is no leniency for a player who doesn’t want to go his way. We were never made to feel pointless. We are always driven to be better. always evolving Work harder than I’ve ever experienced before. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest player in the dressing room or the youngest. because if you refuse to follow his principles He will immediately cut you off.”

After many successes in his homeland, Postecoglou moved to J-League side Yokohama F. Marinos in 2018 , when the team was not playing well. Causing the football industry to vibrate

Dan Orlowitz of “Japan Times” recalled:  Anke gives the club a real purpose. It’s an exciting football style. Which in the J-League has never been seen before, although Yokohama has problems with the results of some games in the years, but he believes in what he is doing.

“The fans believed in him and the following year he let go of players who didn’t fit into the system. and bring in the right players All of which helped the team win the championship in 2019.”

“It’s like you saw at Celtic not just 11 players on the pitch, they also have 11 attackers. Discipline. and the flow of the game which moves like water And it’s hard for anyone to stop.”

“The Yokohama fans love it and the opposing fans respect him. even if they were competitors. Because it is very admirable to see Ange’s team play.

Meanwhile, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is well aware of Postecoglou ‘s approach and sees the former Yokohama boss as someone who has been looking for a long time after an unsuccessful career. The era of Jose Mourinho, Nuno Espirito Santo and Antonio Conte.

     Smith continues, “He has a potentially quirky behavior that knows how to excite you. and say the right thing His message was always clear. It was his way. He supports you all the time. He makes you feel invincible.”

Postecoglu faces the challenge of getting Spurs back into football in their own right, and Smith believes the former boss has the ability to turn them around. “Golden Spikes Chicken” returns to success

Smith stated, “We train harder than we actually play the game. We always take the ball from behind, always finding corners and spaces. We have to manage our own standing line. and working on three or four different parts of the play.”

“He likes his team to have the ball, so he’s not a counter-attacking coach. He will immediately attack the opponent, which is a simultaneous desire. Same with playing defensive games Whenever we lose the ball We want to come and set up a zone. and get the ball back as quickly as possible.”

“It’s a big risk in the game. But that’s his principle. He never neglected the details on the pitch, never thought that someone would guarantee a starting lineup and that was true teamwork.”

For Spurs fans, Postecoglou’s name may not be the one they want. But if you let him have time to work on his own. And have created the desired team, perhaps “Golden Spur Chicken” will receive a large gift to the club in the future