RB Leipzig clearly not selling Guardiol.

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RB Leipzig sporting director Max Eberl has made it clear he has no intention of letting Yoko Guardiol leave the football club.

Previously, the 20-year-old defender had confirmed himself that he wanted to play for RB Leipzig. With plans to continue at the club despite interest from famous clubs across Europe.

Recently, Eberl told Sky Sport Germany that the club’s side are still clear as to the case of keeping Guardiol at the team. And there is no plan to open negotiations or release after the end of the season.

“Because of renewing the contract with Yoshko, taking control of the situation in his own hands. The club has done a great job. UFABET Football has become crazy. But our interest is zero in letting Yachko leave in the summer.

According to Sky Sports, Guardiol has a €110m release clause in his contract that will take effect in the summer of 2024. 

For Guardiol moving from Dinamo Zagreb to join Leipzig in 2021 before becoming a mainstay. And still doing well in the 2022 World Cup. Leading the Croatian national team to 3rd place. 

The player’s current contract with Leipzig runs until mid-2027. 

Yosco Guardiol is a left-footed centre-back. Considered a type of player that is very rare in this era. Ample strength can handle impact and play the ball well in the air. He has excellent reading and cutting skills, has access to the ball quickly. And is also good at putting long balls. But on the other hand, he is considered a player with quite a bit of flexibility.