Roberto hopes to stay at Barca as long as possible.

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Sergi Roberto has insisted he wants to stay at Barcelona for as long as possible and has expressed his determination to win his first trophy under Xavi Hernandez.

Sergi Roberto, right-back and one of Barcelona’s captains, has once again insisted he has no desire to leave the Sportive Camp Nou and is willing to sign a new contract. If the club made an offer for him Emphasizing that he wants to stay with the Azulgrana team as long as possible. According to a report from Marca on Wednesday. 

Roberto reiterated his wishes during a press conference ahead of Real Betis in the Supercopa de Espana semi-finals. On Thursday, he wanted to play for Asul Grana as long as possible.

‘I’m looking forward to joining the club of my life. And I always said that I want to stay here as long as possible,’ said the 30-year-old.

Before further revealing that negotiations over a new deal between him and the club could begin next month, he said: ‘My future is nothing new. I want to stay But we haven’t talked to the club yet. Probably in the next month we will start negotiating.’

Roberto also spoke about facing Real Betis on Thursday:

‘Real Betis played good football for a long time. They are one of the best teams in La Liga, for the fans it will be great to watch. And I hope we can win in the end.’

The 30-year-old has been struggling with injuries in recent years. He started as a right-back at the start of the season. Before the shoulder dislocated and had to take a long time to recover He’s fit again and hopes he won’t have another bad luck this year. UFABET

‘I hope to be better. Especially with the physical issues I had last season. This season I injured my shoulder. But I hope to face 2023 in the best possible way.’

‘I’m from a few years where I wasn’t fully fit because of injuries. I can feel Xabi’s confidence.’

Roberto is a versatile player. He has played at right-back in recent years. But can play midfield as well. When asked which position he preferred to play in, the 30-year-old replied: ‘I get asked this question all the time. And I always say the same thing. I think I’m in a position where the team needs me. I hope to do my best for the team. wherever they want me Either midfield or full-back’

Before mentioning his ambitions in the second half of this season ‘I work harder than ever. We have a good dynamic. We have good momentum. Now we can win the championship. The second part of the season is ambitious for me and for the team.’

Roberto also spoke about his goal for the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia: ‘We can win the title. It will be an important item. It will give the team a boost for the remainder of the season. Since the emergence of this pattern We haven’t been able to overcome it yet. And we’re excited about it.’

‘We hope the bad streak ends and we can win our first trophy in this format of the Super Cup. The game against Betis will be very complicated. And we hope to win our first title under Xabi’.