Why does American roulette use a different wheel?

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There is a third version of the game too. This differs in that an American roulette wheel has 38 options. While it features numbers one through to 36. The same as other roulette wheels, it has not only a single zero but a double zero pocket also. This gives the house a marginally higher edge.

As well as betting on individual numbers, players can place “outside” bets on combinations of numbers. These roulette rules apply in all American casinos except those located in Atlantic City. UFABET Which have slightly different rules.

For the purposes of covering all of the roulette types. It’s worth briefly touching on how this version differs. Atlantic City casinos tend to follow their own variation of the half-back rule, with players losing only 50 percent of their stake on any even money bet if the ball lands on either zero or double zero.

What this does is lower the house edge to 2.63 percent. However, for those playing at roulette tables with a single zero wheel, the same rule does not apply, irrespective of where the game is played.

Examine the roulette wheel closely and you will see that the American roulette wheel layout is different from the European versions in another way. The order of the numbers is completely different in European v American wheels. While both use numbers from 1 to 36, the order in which they are arranged is not the same, although both wheel types make sure to never have consecutive numbers of the same colour.

The European roulette wheel layout also ensures that there are fewer cases where low numbers are next to other low numbers, and the same for high numbers.