A Brief History of Slots.

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Before learning how to play this evocative casino game. Let’s go back to the archives to get its memoir. Knowing the History of Slots will add spice to your gaming experience. So, the year is 1891 and Sittman & Pitt company has engineered the first-ever slot machine in New York City. The machine had 50 playing cards with five drums.

You’re probably wondering what cards are doing in slots. That’s understandable. We would probably ask the same question. UFABET Here’s why. In our previous article, how to play video poker, we saw slots using similar-looking machines to video poker. So instead of a 52-card playing deck, slots used 50 cards.

Slots Play neon sign vector. Slot Machine Design template neon sign, light banner, neon signboard, nightly bright advertising, light inscription. Vector illustration.

The missing cards were the 10 of spades and the Jack (J) of hearts. They were discarded to increase the house edge by halving the chances of acquiring a Royal Flush. Also, that’s why there’s much debate on the similarities of both games among gamblers. Here’s where the name Pokies, referring to slots, came from. Now, you’re up to speed.

Therefore, to play the slots, a player had to insert money into the machine and pull the in-place lever. If your reels lined up poker hands, you’d then receive non-monetary pay in terms of drinks and cigars. However, the first automatic slot machine came about in 1895. Although the exact date isn’t precise. The inventor being Charles Fey or the ‘Father of Slots.’ History of Slots